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Recent Anime Music Reviews Part 1

Back in the Kokoharu review, I mentioned that apart from rambling about eroge that I would like to talk about a few different things as well such as art and music and now it had finally become a reality! (well for the music part anyway)So anyway, in this post I’m going to voice out my opinions on recent albums and singles that had been released for this past month as well as a few stuff which I think is worth a mention from the few last months as well.

Well, she just happens to have headphones on....
For those who are currently following the summer anime season or are in doubt of not knowing which releases to obtain, this should be a fun read for you. For this who do not fit into either category, I’ll post the youtube videos of the mentioned singles here for your convenience.
For each release I’ll give a score out of 10 (1-Do not even bother to notice!, 10-GOLD DETECTED!!!). Please note that this is based solely on my own opinions which means the stuff that I like may differ greatly from your own tastes (let’s admit it, everyone is different) so don’t go throwing bricks at me just because I gave a 1/10 rating for something you adored. If you want to voice out your own opinions, please do so in the comments section as commenting on blogs are always truly welcoming and makes us writers happy.

Singles/Anime/Eroge OPs

Sentiforia-Ceui (Aoi Hana ED)

As usual, Ceui continues to release great stuff. If you’ve heard of her previous releases, then you would know what sort of stuff to expect. Calm, soothing and dreamy, this may not be as strong as her previous stuff BUT it’s still a great listen for anyone who’s into this sort of stuff. The second track Little Garden sounds quite similiar to Munto ED as well which is a good thing since that song was her best release in my opinion. Aoi hana is a pretty good yuri show as well.

Verdict: 7/10

Perfect World-Rocky Chack (Spice and Wolf 2 ED)

Hey, this is not sang in english, wait…actually there are some tiny amount of english in here as well. At least this was better than the first ending which I thought attempted to look unique but turned out sounding more on the weird side instead. Moving on, the second track Kimi to yatsugare reminded me a bit of Katamari Damacy which I suppose is a good thing as I personally loved the music for those Katamari games and the song manages to dig out nostalgic memories of Katamari for me…..(attempts to dig out LONELY ROLLING STAR from the bottom of the Katamari soundtrack folder)

Verdict: 7/10

Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari-supercell (Bakemonogatari ED)

This is AMAZING, I’d go as far as to say that this was the best release for this month. To be honest I knew almost nothing about supercell so of course I did not know what to expect from them. After I heard this I think I’ve fallen in love….it’s simple but catchy and addictive which is the sort of stuff that I like, oh and the animation for this also helps as well ^_^. The second track for this single LOVE & ROLL sounds just as unique but less catchier. Anyway, supercell is something that we should all take notice of in the future, well I’ll definitley keep an eye on their stuff for the future. Truly Recommended, NO IN FACT GET YOUR HANDS ON THIS NOW!!!

Verdict: 9/10

Katayoku no Tori-Shikata Akiko (Umineko no Naku Koro ni OP)

Meh, I’ve never liked Shikata Akiko and I doubt I ever will, her stuff isn’t bad but I’ve personally never liked these old fashioned celtic style music. Let’s just say that I prefer Shimotsukin’s softer ethnic style over shikata’s stuff anyday and end it with that (sigh, but I’m not a fan of ethnic stuff either).

Verdict: 4/10

S.S.D!-yozuca* (Princess Lover! ED)

S.S.D is typical yozuca* stuff, it sounds too much like the endless Da Capo openings…..
I don’t like No ruLe either, it fact it sounds much worse than S.S.D.

Verdict: 6/10

Tomare-Hirano Aya, Chihara Minori, Gotou Yuuko (Suzumiya Haruhi 2009 ED)

I think I must be one of the few people who didn’t really care much for Hare Hare Yukai (the op was more interesting), I mean the song was crap and generic, the main reason why it was even popular to begin with was the dance that was accompanied with the song. Imagine what would have happened if the dance was replaced with still images or something generic and unoriginal in the first place…. would people still see Hare Hare Yukai in the same light as today? Probably not. Anyway, let’s move on with this, Tomare sounds quite similiar to Hare Hare Yukai, just not as catchy but still a fun listen overall. Meanwhile Senzaiteki Taiyou no Shoumei is a contrast to Tomare, the tune is much slower not to mention it’s easily forgettable.

Verdict: 6/10

Sorairo-Satou Hiromi (Sorairo OP)

Another great release for this month, Sorairo is the opening to Nekoneko’s highly anticipated eroge also called Sorairo which is coming out later this month. Personally I loved this song the first time I heard it from the wonderful wind like effects to the lovely vocals and my opinion of it still hasn’t changed after…..the 50th listen? Lol, yeah it’s just that great and addicting. In fact I’d rate this above supercell’s release if the second track for this named Darling didn’t sound as generic as hundreds of other harem anime/eroge theme songs out there BUT Sorairo is an eroge so of course there’s going to a harem as in like 99% of other eroges so I shouldn’t complain too much, I mean it’s not a bad track at all, it just sounds a bit unoriginal to someone who’s heard of a ton of these type of songs (like me).

Verdict: 8/10

Well that’s the end of reviewing these batch of singles, I’ll review the albums in another post for anyone who’s interested though it’d probably take quite a while. On another note, it was really tough to find a CG which was related to music, I was somehow lucky enough to stumble across PARA-SOL’s website.



  1. I could listen to Sorairo’s OP all day and all night long.

  2. I’m that way over the two songs from supercell

  3. Agreeing with you on the subject of KimiShira and Cetipholia (Little Garden is just lovely), the rest was meh for me.

    Katayoku no Tori is too similar to Umineko no Naku Koro ni (the song), IMHO.

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