Posted by: momochi | July 8, 2009

New stuff from Clochette and more….

Amatsumi Sora ni

The website for Clochette’s new game is finally up. Shintaro’s art is really nice and sharp! ^_^
Hopefully this will turn out better than Kamipani! which I’ve only heard decent things about. Anyway I’m going to keep my eye out for this.

Sweet Lovers Concerto

Suzunone Seven! -Sweet Lovers’ Concerto- (fandisk for Clochette’s previous game)’s website is also now open as well. I haven’t even touched Suzunone Seven…….meh, I’ll probably do so someday……..

I’m sure some of you have already noticed that Akatsuki Works’s site in no longer accessible for those of us living outside Japan. The same probably goes for Applique Soft as well as I just found out that I could no longer get into their site. Urrrghh, somehow I could picture Lump of Sugar being next…..


  1. apparently suzunone seven is by clochette lumie which is basically clochette’s sister companywhich makes its fandisk anyway i hope clochette does better in their next game cause kamipani was a mediocre title for me

  2. Hmm…looks nice at first glance. Can’t be bothered to buy all of them grr…

  3. @Algester: Yeah I really hope that this will be better than Kamipani whom I’ve mostly heard bad reviews about.

    @Seinime: Buying all your wanted eroge can clear your purse in no time.

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