Posted by: momochi | October 22, 2009

Navel blocks foreign IPs!

I refuse to bid farewell to Navel or Asa sempai


I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed that this wouldn’t happen BUT it did!!! So now that makes 4 of my favourite eroge companies now…… I wonder who’s going to jump in the boat next. T_T

EDIT: And so Navel has unblocked their site, guess they must have seen this post….

Posted by: momochi | October 4, 2009

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Id take the white one

I'd take the white one

A little late perhaps but let’s all celebrate with a slice of mooncake.
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!! And in case you’re wondering why I have an image of a snow skin mooncake instead of a traditional one, it’s because the traditional mooncakes are too oily and sweet for my taste thus I prefer snow skin.

Posted by: momochi | September 6, 2009

Recent Anime Music Reviews Part 1

Back in the Kokoharu review, I mentioned that apart from rambling about eroge that I would like to talk about a few different things as well such as art and music and now it had finally become a reality! (well for the music part anyway)So anyway, in this post I’m going to voice out my opinions on recent albums and singles that had been released for this past month as well as a few stuff which I think is worth a mention from the few last months as well.

Well, she just happens to have headphones on....
For those who are currently following the summer anime season or are in doubt of not knowing which releases to obtain, this should be a fun read for you. For this who do not fit into either category, I’ll post the youtube videos of the mentioned singles here for your convenience.
For each release I’ll give a score out of 10 (1-Do not even bother to notice!, 10-GOLD DETECTED!!!). Please note that this is based solely on my own opinions which means the stuff that I like may differ greatly from your own tastes (let’s admit it, everyone is different) so don’t go throwing bricks at me just because I gave a 1/10 rating for something you adored. If you want to voice out your own opinions, please do so in the comments section as commenting on blogs are always truly welcoming and makes us writers happy.

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Posted by: momochi | July 8, 2009

New stuff from Clochette and more….

Amatsumi Sora ni

The website for Clochette’s new game is finally up. Shintaro’s art is really nice and sharp! ^_^
Hopefully this will turn out better than Kamipani! which I’ve only heard decent things about. Anyway I’m going to keep my eye out for this.

Sweet Lovers Concerto

Suzunone Seven! -Sweet Lovers’ Concerto- (fandisk for Clochette’s previous game)’s website is also now open as well. I haven’t even touched Suzunone Seven…….meh, I’ll probably do so someday……..

I’m sure some of you have already noticed that Akatsuki Works’s site in no longer accessible for those of us living outside Japan. The same probably goes for Applique Soft as well as I just found out that I could no longer get into their site. Urrrghh, somehow I could picture Lump of Sugar being next…..

Posted by: momochi | July 1, 2009

ここより、はるか-Surrounded sea in the world

Before we move onto the review, I’d like to say that I have finally returned to my blog. A huge thanks to those who have been waiting, I feel really grateful. Right now I’m thinking of new ideas of what to put on my blog so if anyone would like to give me some advice, please do so. Personally I’d like to write about some music as well as art (related to eroges).

Koko yori, Haruka released on 27th March is Pleats soft’s first title and for their first game I have to say that it is quite impressive for the story alone.


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Posted by: momochi | May 12, 2009

It’s been a long time….

Just a quick note on how I’m currently doing….
Anyway I recently moved houses which was a big hassle but it was worth it as the house which I’m living in now is bigger and had more rooms than my old house, however this also meant that I currently don’t and would not have access to the internet for the next few, hmmm probably weeks or even months! Yes, right now I do not have internet access in my house which means that I won’t be able to access my blog or go on other blogs and sites for a while (right now I’m using my friend’s computer and internet). I’ve also finished Kokoharu a few weeks ago but the review probably won’t be up untill things get back to normal for me.
Anyway here’s hoping that things will go smoothly and that I can start blogging regularly soon.

P.S: Recently started Nursery Rhyme, Go Yukina route, Kururu is so cute.

Posted by: momochi | April 23, 2009

March 2009 Eroge rankings

March was certainly a great month for people who play eroges as it had a whole chunk of great titles being released which shows potential.
Below are rankings for the sales of the games which are based on Getchu’s monthly sales. I’ve listed the ones which looked noteworthy and made short comments to each of them.

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Posted by: momochi | April 7, 2009

An unexpected encounter under Sakura tree

Yukari and Saya
So I recently started 20 minutes of Princess Party and decided to do a short impression post about it.
This game starts with you walking on the road to your new school. Yes, you play as a transfer student (once again to those of us who played Flyable heart) and the first thing you encounter at your new school’s entrance is………………………….
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Posted by: momochi | March 29, 2009


As requested by Tamarti, here is a short review on Narcissu.


Narcissu is a doujin kinetic visual novel released by stage nana in 2005 with many different translation groups translating the game into different languages including english and chinese due to its popularity.

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Posted by: momochi | March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yep, as the title says my birthday is TODAY! So far I’ve celebrated my birthday with my family as well as tons of food such as sushi, sandwiches, chicken salad pasta and barbecue chicken. Of course there’s also a large strawberry mousse cake to go with all that food!


Speaking of food, I’ve also started on Fryable heart recently and it’s meeting my expectations with the music, art and story though I really did not expect an explosion shortly after I started the game but I’m guessing that it’s going to be relevant to the story.
By the way can someone suggest to me which route I should go for first as I am having a hard time deciding since ALL the bishoujos in this game are all so cute and likable which is giving me hard time to choose! >_<

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