Welcome to my first and only blog!


Firstly, I’ll answer some questions…

Okay, just what the heck is this place?

Watashinomochi is a blog created by momochi for the intention of blogging bishoujo visual novel games or more commonly known as eroge. However not all of the games which I intend to play and blog contains adult content which is the reason why I named my list of games Visual Novel list instead.

Why are you blogging visual novels instead of anime, (at least I know what anime is)?

The answer to that is hidden in the question! There are more than hundreds of blogs about anime out there but in those hundreds of blogs very few of them are dedicated to blogging visual novels. Personally I want to do something a bit more different and so after a month of thinking I finally came to the conclusion of blogging visual novels monthly. Instead of having to screenshot all the anime episodes I watched weekly, spend half an hour of my time wrting down the summary, repeating the same method more than 3 times for every week, I thought to myself “why don’t I write about the games I played during the month instead as I knew I would very quickly get bored with blogging anime weekly and I have some extremely important exams coming very soon in the year as well so I should use the time of blogging anime weekly to study instead.” God, I HATE studying, I mean who doesn’t!

…………………..Oh, I accidently fell asleep during your babbling, anyway now that we know why you are blogging visual novels could you tell us what type you intend to blog?

To be honest, the only types of visual novels I played or intend to play are all story based. Even with eroge, the types which I’ve played are all story based and contains small amount of sexual content compared to H-heavy hentai games. This is because story is really important to me, a well told, creative and touching plot can move many people’s hearts, just look at how popular the company Key is.

Well, that was probably a long read for you but I hope that you’ll continue to stick around and support this blog.




  1. Hello there. Quite the pretty nice place you have here.
    I do hope you continue to post here. This is the first English typing Visual Novel blog I have ever found so yeah.

    So erm…I just have one question. Do you like have a post somewhere here about English translated VNs?

    And lastly hello there I will make do and enjoy my stay here ^ ^

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