My VN list

100% completed

(Akabei Soft 2) Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo
(Key) Planetarian
(Leaf) Tenshi no Inai 12 gatsu
(Lump of Sugar) Nursery Rhyme
(Navel) Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa nai Prelude
(Pleats Soft) Koko yori, Haruka
(ruf) Yume Miru Kusuri
(stage-nana) Narcissu
(Tarte) Hinatabokko
(Yuzusoft) Bra-ban!

At least one route complete

(Circus) Suika AS+-Itsuki, Sayaka, Touko
(Circus) Da Capo Plus Communication-Nemu
(Key) Kanon-Mai
(Key) Little Busters! Ecstacy-Komari
(La’cryma) True Tears-Rui, Yuzuko, Katsura, Hikari
(Minori) ef – a fairy tale of the two-Miyako
(Sphere) Yosuga no Sora-Nao, Sora, Kazuha, Akira
(Tactics) One-Akane, Misaki, Mio, Mayu, Rumi
(Yuzusoft) ExE-Mio, Natsuki, Yuu
(Yuzusoft) Natsuzora Kanata-Chihaya, Sasara


(Akabei Soft 2) G-senjou no Maou
(Alcot Citrus) Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji
(August) Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na-Brighter than Dawning Blue
(Circus) Princess Party
(Circus) Saishuu Shiken Kujira
(Clochette) Kamipani
(Clover) Quilt
(Flyingshine) Cross Channel
(KID) Ever17
(Key) Air
(Key) Clannad
(Key) Tomoyo after
(Lapis Lazuli) Areas
(Lump of Sugar) Itsuka Todoku, Ano Sora Ni
(Moonstone) Clear
(Moonstone) Gift
(Studio Mebius) Snow Plus Edition
(Unisonshift) Nanatsuiro Drops
(Unisonshift) Flyable Heart
(Windmill) Shukufuku no Campanella
(Yuzusoft) Tenshin Ranman


(φâge) Owaranaki Natsu Towa Naru Shirabe
(AXL) Kashimashi Communication
(AXL) Like a Butler
(AXL) Princess Frontier
(Abhar)Suiheisen made Nan Mile?
(Akabei Soft 2) W.L.O. Sekai Renai Kikou
(Akabei Soft 2) W.L.O. Sekai Renai Kikou L.L.S. -Love Love Show-
(Alcot) FairChild
(Alcot) Triptych
(Alcot) Engage Links
(ALcot) Osananajimi wa Daitouryou
(Alicesoft) Yokubari Saboten
(Applique) Concerto Note
(August) Fortune Arterial
(August) Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na -Moonlight Cradle
(age) Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
(Basil) Sore wa Maichiru Sakura no Youni
(Blank Note) Himawari
(Caramel Box) Shuumatsu Shoujo Gensou Alicematic
(Circus) C.D.C.D.2
(Circus) Circus Disc Christmas Days
(Circus) Circus Land I
(Circus) Da Capo II Plus Communication
(Circus) Da Capo II Spring Celebration
(Circus) Da Capo After Seasons
(Circus) Da CaPoker
(Circus) Mai-Hime
(Circus) Princess Party Camellia
(Clochette lumie) Suzunone Seven
(Cotton Soft) Amber Quartz
(Cotton Soft) Nagisa no
(Cotton Soft) Natsumegu
(Cotton Soft) Reconquista
(Cube) Natsu no Ame
(Cuffs) Garden
(Eufonie) Hidamari Basket
(F&C) Canvas2
(F&C) Canvas3
(F&C) Hoshiful
(Feng) Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka
(Feng) Aozora no Mieru Oka
(Frontwing) Hoshiuta
(FAVOURITE) Hoshizora no Memoria
(Giga!) Sakaagari Hurricane
(Haikuo Soft) Osananajimi to no Kurashi Kata
(Haikuo Soft) Sakura Sakura
(Haikuo Soft) Yotsunoha
(KeroQ) Subarashiki Hibiki
(Kogado Studio) Symphonic Rain
(La’cryma) Sora wo Tobu, 3tsu no Houhou
(Leaf) Kizuato
(Leaf) ToHeart2 Another Days
(Leaf) ToHeart2 Xrated
(Leaf) White Album 2 introductory chapter
(Light) Tapestry
(Lillian) Twinkle Crusaders
(Littlewitch) Sugarcoat Freaks
(Lump of Sugar) Tayutama
(Lump of Sugar) Tayutama-Happy Days
(Makura) H2O: Footprints in the Sand
(Makura) Root after and another
(Makura) Supreme Candy
(Marmalade) Kiss to Maou to Koucha
(Marmalade) Konneko
(Marmalade) Miraroma
(Marmalade) Lyrical Lyric
(Marmalade) Lyrical DS
(Minato Soft) Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de
(Minori) Eden*
(Moonstone) Clear: Crystal Stories
(Moonstone) Marginal Skip
(Navel) Shuffle! Essence+
(Navel) Tick! Tack!
(Navel) Really? Really!
(NekoNekoSoft) Lamune
(NekoNekoSoft) Sorairo
(Overflow) School Days
(Overflow) Summer Days
(Pajamas Soft) Piano no Mori no Mankai no Shita
(Palette) Mashiroiro Symphony
(Palette) Moshimo Ashita ga Harenaraba
(Palette) Sakura Strasse
(Palette) Sakuranbo Strasse
(PeasSoft) Tsun na Kanajo Dere na Kanajo
(propeller) Kitto, Sumiwataru Asairo Yori mo
(Pulltop) Shirokuma Bell Stars
(Purple Software) Ashita no Kimi to Au Tame ni
(Ricotta) Princess Lover!
(RococoWorks) airy[F]airy
(Rococo Works) Volume 7
(Rosebleu) Stellar Theater
(SAGA PLANETS) Natsuyume Nagisa
(Sanctuary) Da Capo Girl’s Symphony
(Sphere) Haruka na Sora
(stage-nana) Narcissu: Side 2nd
(Studio Ryokucha) Koiiro Sora Moyou
(Tarte) Katahane
(Type-Moon) Fate/Stay Night

Currently playing

(Navel) Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai

Currently reviewing

(Lump of Sugar) Nursery Rhyme

Highly anticipating

(Abhar) Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete
(Akabei Soft 2) Kourin no Machi, Lavender no Shoujo
(Alcot Honey Comb) Real Imouto ga Iru Ooizumi-kun no Baai
(August) Aiyoku no Eustia
(Clochette) Amatsu Misora ni!
(Giga) bitter smile
(Key) Rewrite
(Leaf) White Album 2
(Makura) Sakura no Uta
(minori) Tenshi no Nichiyoubi -ef Pleasurable Box-
(Navel) Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai After Story
(Navel) Sekai Seifuku Kanajo
(Sprite) Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate
(Type Moon) Girl’s Work
(Windmill) Iro ni Ide ni Keri Waga Koi wa

NOTE: Anything with good art and a decent story automatically goes on the list ^_^


(Cuffs) Amesarasa
(Cuffs) Sakura Musubi
(D.O) Kana Imouto
(Syangrila) Akatsuki no Goei



  1. dam it as for shuffle! essence+ im trying to lurk the net but it seems that i just cant leak out any info regarding that PS2-PC port Y_Y NAVEL seems to have removed it as well (prolly just hiding it ATM)

  2. Heyhey, good list you got there. What can you tell me about Narcissu as far as a review? I’m interested in playing it, but perhaps a good review would get me more motivated.
    I’m a little confused, though…you’ve played Fate/Stay Night and “highly anticipate” 2 more Type-Moon games, yet no Tsukihime? Is it just not your kind of game?

  3. @Tamarti: Yeah, I’ll do a short review for Narcissu but it’ll probably take some time as I have lots of exams coming up in the next few months and I’m currently still busy with flyable heart and yoake.

    As for Type moon I actually haven’t played the game yet (too many other titles in backlog) but I have heard of plenty of good things so I hope that I can check it out soon.
    For the 2 new games, if they were released on the same month and I could only pick one I’d probably go for Girl’s work as it interests me more (having the city as the protagonist is something new and unheard of to me).
    I actually knew almost nothing about Tsukihime, I’ve heard of it but thats it. I’ve read the plot summary on wikipedia before but felt that it seemed too gory for my taste. (sorry but I’m not one for gore) If someone proves to me that its not as gory as I think then I’ll give it a chance though I’d rather wait for the remake.

  4. @momochi: I didn’t actually mean a full in depth review on Narcissu, but rather just a quick “totally worth playing” or “it’s ok I guess” opinion.

    If you’re not a fan of gore, may I then suggest you take a look at Shingetsutan Tsukihime? It’s an anime based off of the Tsukihime game, and is rather tame compared to it. There isn’t that much gore, but it may perhaps be a good starter if you’re interested.
    On a side note relevant to Tsukihime: a main reason our blog was created was to novelize Tsukihime. We can further explain this in a blog post later, but basically we’re making it possible for you to easily read it by printing it out and writing it in novel format. We haven’t quite started yet, and have just done the opening, but it’s sure to pick up soon. Whatever works.

  5. If you’re talking about the CG’s, Tsukihime has about the same amount of gore if less than Fate/Stay Night. Though I can’t say the same for the text.

  6. @Tamarti: sorry if I thought that you wanted an in depth review rather than short simple one but in my opinon a good review tends to be more in depth rather than a quick comment.

    As for Tsukihime, I’ll try and find some time to check out the anime if there isn’t that much gore. As for the game I’d rather wait for the remake to be released.

    Oh and good luck on your novelisation on Tsukihime. Do you plan to novelise other VNs as well in the future?

    @m3rry: Is the gore level for the text something along the lines of Chaos head (or other Nitroplus games)?

  7. @momochi: Well I agree with you, but to be frank if it’s worth playing I don’t want to have to wait for an in depth review by anyone…I’d rather just play it asap 8P. It’s less of a review and more of a motivational sentence that I’m looking for :/.
    But yea, the show is a safe bet. Hope you like it.
    Yes, in fact, we do plan to do others. For now it’s just going to be a test run of sorts, to see if anyone is even going to be remotely interested. If you have something in mind let us know, and we could look into it.

    @m3rryweather: I guess not, the cgs really only have Kohaku with a knife in her chest, Akiha with her back exploding into someones face, Ciel stabbing herself in the throat, and other such goretastic goodies. Don’t even get me started on the text (lol @ hotel chaos).

  8. Lol, you got me there. I’m just saying that it has a lower CG count because it is a much older release compared to Fate/Stay Night. So if you can play F/SN, than you can probably play Tsukihime.

  9. Could you review Natsumegu? I wanna know how much Hscenes there are.

  10. Your list is inspiring!
    How much time are you giving to yourself complete this list?
    Wait, don’t say… they are almost all finished?

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