Posted by: momochi | March 16, 2009

VN List Complete


After some hours of searching and typing, the page of my VN list is finally complete!

Posted by: momochi | March 14, 2009

ナーサリィライム, らき☆うま

After I rewatched Nursery Rhyme’s opening on Micchi’s latest post about eroge releases in 2005, I was reminded of several parodies based off the OP including the Code Geass one. However the one which captivated me the most was the Lucky Star one mainly due to my love for Lucky Star and its adorable characters.

Most of the scenes and layouts used in this MAD also recompremises the original Nursery Rhyme OP perfectly from tsukasa eating candyfloss to the girls taking a bath together.
Watch the video below and you’ll know what I mean.

See what I mean? It’s also pretty clever and unique in my opinion as well. Anyway I’ll post more MADs when I come across something I like.

Posted by: momochi | March 8, 2009

A sad announcement…

I know very well that it is lame to write about something sad for a second post but I have to sadly announce that I probably won’t be posting much on this blog for this remaining year due to many important exams coming up towards this year. Hopefully I can find time to play fryable heart and sakura sakura when they come out in March.
Anyway best of luck to me and my upcoming exams. (Oh, I just remembered that I had one yesterday.)

Posted by: momochi | February 19, 2009

天神乱漫 Updates

Okay, this is my first post on this blog so here we go……..


Some of you probably already know about this but the website for Yuzusoft’s newest eroge has been updated with the introduction of the side characters and NEW CG’s including h-scenes (for those of you interested). Getchu also has the game’s release date as 5/25.
This is one of my most anticipated titles of the year along with many other titles (great or not).

Note: Click on the image to go to the official website.

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