Posted by: momochi | May 12, 2009

It’s been a long time….

Just a quick note on how I’m currently doing….
Anyway I recently moved houses which was a big hassle but it was worth it as the house which I’m living in now is bigger and had more rooms than my old house, however this also meant that I currently don’t and would not have access to the internet for the next few, hmmm probably weeks or even months! Yes, right now I do not have internet access in my house which means that I won’t be able to access my blog or go on other blogs and sites for a while (right now I’m using my friend’s computer and internet). I’ve also finished Kokoharu a few weeks ago but the review probably won’t be up untill things get back to normal for me.
Anyway here’s hoping that things will go smoothly and that I can start blogging regularly soon.

P.S: Recently started Nursery Rhyme, Go Yukina route, Kururu is so cute.



  1. We’ll be waiting =D

  2. Moving is a pain. Take your time, we’ll be here 🙂

    Kururu is so cute.

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