Posted by: momochi | April 7, 2009

An unexpected encounter under Sakura tree

Yukari and Saya
So I recently started 20 minutes of Princess Party and decided to do a short impression post about it.
This game starts with you walking on the road to your new school. Yes, you play as a transfer student (once again to those of us who played Flyable heart) and the first thing you encounter at your new school’s entrance is………………………….

a drunken loli crawling on the floor looking for her glasses under the sakura tree. You eventually get dragged into helping her look for her glasses, after some searching and conversation you shockingly find out that this loli is going to be your homeroom teacher.
The two of you then head to class and Shimoyama sensei introduces you into the class telling you to introduce yourself. Wanting to impress your new classmates, you describe yourself as playful and shy, shows off that your hobby making model planes and ends your introduction with YO!, all in one huge shout! (okay, maybe he wasn’t shouting. I can’t remember little details.) The whole class then stares at you in silence of shock with the wind outside blowing. Realising how stupid and desperate you made yourself look, you decide to run out of school, going so far as to the road. Shimoyama sensei had to go the trouble of chasing after you and encouraging you to go back to the class. After returning, you give a much more normal introduction to make up for the embaressment you caused a moment ago.

I admit that I was actually shocked when I found out that the loli was a teacher as I initially thought that she was your imouto when I first saw her image on the website, though she still acts like an imouto does sometimes. For those of you who visited the website on April Fools day, you’d have noticed that the whole website was dedicated to her with her appearing on the front page instead of Ayaka.
By the way the other characters which I’ve met so far include the student council tsundere ojou-sama Yukari and her maid Saya but so far I don’t know much about them yet other than the fact that they’re voiced by Mizuhashi Kaori and Aoki Sayaka(Why can’t they choose someone else???).

I also came across a reference to Da Capo as well. Hint: Confession.



  1. lol i agree the first few minutes are totally >.>
    Had to drug myself to stop suiciding from the classic jokes.

  2. ……….. WHY DO I ENVY YOU PEOPLE FOR ME TO SAY 嫉妬!!嫉妬!!嫉妬!!(read it in english not the translation its a double sided thing)

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