Posted by: momochi | March 29, 2009


As requested by Tamarti, here is a short review on Narcissu.


Narcissu is a doujin kinetic visual novel released by stage nana in 2005 with many different translation groups translating the game into different languages including english and chinese due to its popularity.

The protagonist shortly after turning 20 finds out that he has a terminal disease and is taken to hospital. As time passes he finds himself being admitted to the seventh floor of the hospital, a floor where no patients can avoid their fate of death. On this floor he meets Setsumi, a silent girl with an incurable illness who is two years older than him who seems to have no particular interests and only gives a word answer to the protagonist whenever he asks a question or tries to make conversation. Together they spend their boring days on the seventh floor watching TV while waiting for their fate of nothing but death.
However one day, the protagonist’s father sends him a car along with it’s car keys. Having agreed with Setsumi before that neither of them wants to die in the hospital or back at home with family, together they escape the hospital and set out on a long journey to many different locations on the roads of Japan with no destination.
During their travel, they discover many struggles and hardships but there were also times where things were not so bad after all. Midway through their journey, they both agreed to go to Awaji island where the field of Narcissu was located just like what they saw on TV once. However time is starting to run out…

The story is short but sad, touching and well written. It honestly only took me 5 hours to complete this game. The beginning of the game was boring to me, had a dull and sad atmosphere and seemed to drag on as well but once you recieve the car keys the plot started to move and was concluded with a sad but touching ending.

This visual novel consisted of almost only background CGs, I am not kidding when I say that the picture which I posted above is the only event CG you get. Basically if you’re looking for lot’s of moe characters this isn’t the game for you.

The music in this game are quite well done and fits the mood of the scenes really well. I’d say this VN had better music than most commercial VNs out there.

Overall Narcissu is a good read, the game had a really depressing mood at first but that seems to fade away a bit halfway through the story. It also had some touching moments and a bittersweet ending as well. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes a good story though it is sad and depressing.



  1. It’s actually a very good story… I do think it’s short (can’t ask much actually for doujin works) but there was room for a lot more development.

    I like sad stories a lot and this is definately a must get.

  2. Yeah, I like sad stories as well. There’s just something really special about them.

  3. Y_Y… dam it
    ok i know i havent played both narcissus so far but yeah sad story is just sad look at tomoyo after (sure its bitter sweet but still) Y_Y

  4. Getting it ASAP! Thanks much, totally seems like something I’d enjoy as I usually get these things for the story over the images. Thanks again~

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