Posted by: momochi | March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yep, as the title says my birthday is TODAY! So far I’ve celebrated my birthday with my family as well as tons of food such as sushi, sandwiches, chicken salad pasta and barbecue chicken. Of course there’s also a large strawberry mousse cake to go with all that food!


Speaking of food, I’ve also started on Fryable heart recently and it’s meeting my expectations with the music, art and story though I really did not expect an explosion shortly after I started the game but I’m guessing that it’s going to be relevant to the story.
By the way can someone suggest to me which route I should go for first as I am having a hard time deciding since ALL the bishoujos in this game are all so cute and likable which is giving me hard time to choose! >_<



  1. Happy birthday! Best is always dessert!

    Ya, I had some trouble deciding what route to go, but then I just said, “whatever, let’s just let the game choose for me”. So I’m on Sakurako’s route now. From what Zen and I have noticed, the game kinda makes you want to play all the routes anyway to learn everything about the story. So it’s no big deal which one you play first.

    (I want Suzuno route)

  2. “I want Suzuno route”

    From that quote I’m guessing that you probably need to complete all other routes before you can unlock Suzuno route.

  3. I’m not sure. I’ve heard some people say that, but I’m not gonna confirm it from walkthrough sites since I plan to play the game without one unless I get stuck. It’s just that I was torn between Suzuno, Yui and Sakurako, and kinda ended up on Sakurako’s route.

  4. i want to decide which eroge to play Y_Y the huge backlog of indecisiveness is taking its toll on me

  5. I decided on Mayuri (and killed myself afterwards) but i think it depends on your tatse… I could tell you that mayuri is uhh…. different.

  6. I really didn’t know either but I’m heading on Amane’s route. Happy belated birthday!

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